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Automatic Tire Inflation System- Vigia

Company > Colven S.A.

The VIGIA system keeps tire pressure constant. It warns the driver in the event of tire pressure reduction, and automatically activates the inflation process at the same time. A benefit that this system has to offer is that it reduces maintenance costs since proper inflation increases your tire`s operating life by more than 20%, and operating on suboptimal tires imply more fuel consumption. Also, the driver is safer because VIGIA reduces the risk of accident by proper tire inflation and allows re-treading tires several times. Colven is a international company that was born in 1973. Its focus on design, production and marketing of electronic, mechanical and software solutions for the automotive, transportation and agricultural machinery industries. Colven is present all around the world by distributors, affiliated company and factories in Argentina and Italy. Our products and solutions are been using for look for security and comfort. They have been stand out by the quality certified ISO 9001, European Community Standards (CEE) and approvals CE. Important factories around the world choose our products because they are reliable, adapted to the market and have an exceptional cost-benefit. Some of our customers that we can mention are Volvo, Scania, Bull Trailer, Gross, Vulcano, Metalfor, Caiman, Pepsico, LS Tractor, Marcopolo, Mack, Manituo Group, Syngenta, Utility, Penske, Linde, Bimbo, Candispe.

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