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Silver Handmade Natural-Flower Bracelet

Company > Aclarecer Group

Aclarecer Group Ltda is a cooperative of artisans, designers and plastic artists. This is achieved through Associativity, in which we firmly believe. We produce sustainable products, handcrafted artisan products, categories such as hand-woven garments, apparel, footwear and artisan jewelry. This bracelet is made of silver material and natural flowers. The artisans names are Mr. Gustavo and Mrs. Sol, they come from a family of artisans, both inherited that talent and the love of handmade things. Gustavo always worked with silver and metals materials to make jewelry. Their Jewelry is special and is born from the love of life and nature. This is why they creates jewelry with natural and real flowers. Each Jewel has a flower in its interior, Mrs Sol is the one that cultivates and treats the flowers so that they are conserved for life. All products can be customized in shape and resin color. Each piece of Jewelry is PURE NATURE ART!

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