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MATEO TOUCH is the first anti-stress gourd. You can’t stop touching it. Its flexible flaps let you calm your anxiety while you enjoy drinking your mate. Easy to empty. Doesn’t fix flavors or bacteria. Keeps the heat. It is flexible and unbreakable, which makes it the perfect gourd to transport. Size: 3.6” x 3.1” Dishwasher safe. Individual pack. 100% platinum silicone. BPA free (safe food). Holds approx.: 1.16 oz. of yerba mate. Of so well known, sometimes everyday things become invisible. Doing something new requires breaking with the old. Breaking with those things that seem unquestionable and that only by habit seems to us that they could not be improved. Break to recreate. This is how Silicosas was born. A line of products created in silicone rubber, which stand out for solving problems of everyday life, with the most innovative design and optimal functionality. With Silicosas we seek to fully exploit the qualities of silicone: its flexibility, its property as a thermal insulator and its asepsis, among others. Because we believe that only in this way can something new be done: breaking the mold.

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