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We produce and supply ingredients to the food and feed industries. By leveraging our farming expertise and processing assets in Argentina, we deliver quality products and customer service excellence. We are a family traditionally tied to the agribusiness with more than 30 years of production experience. Starting out in la Pampa region, we have since multiplied our product catalog by expanding to other regions in Argentina such as Salta, Buenos Aires and Cordoba. The pivotal moment for our Company’s growth happened in 2013, when we decided to stop selling to exporters and become an international distributor with its own commercial network. Today, Bunker Specialties manages a portfolio of clients around the world focusing on pulses and seeds. Apart from direct exports to markets worldwide, the sales effort is twinned with local distribution networks in the USA (New Jersey and California), the EU (Rotterdam) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh). Moving forward, we established farming divisions in neighboring countries such as Paraguay and Bolivia to grow our reach and expand our productive force. This gives us production insight across multiple borders.

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