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Icosahedron Plant Pot

Company > Sólido Platónico

Set of ceramic pots in the shape of the 5 platonic solids witch make any environment cozy and warm.The icosahedron plant pot is associated with Water, the symbol of male power of transformation as well as the Spleen chakra. We are Ariana Lifschitz, Industrial Designer and Astrologer, and Florencia Suchecki, Publicist and Life Coach and together we have created Solido Platonico, a home and decor brand, inspired in the Platonic Solids. Platonic Solids are the five regular polyhedra. Plato associated the elements of the universe to each of them: Water to the Icosahedron, the Earth to the Cube, Fire to the Tetrahedron, Air to the Octahedron and Ether to the Dodecahedron. Each of them has a colour and one or more chakras related to them. According to Sacred Geometry they all give us healing energy. Welcome to our world!

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