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With over 40 years of experience in the market, Proagro SA is a laboratory that manufactures and markets veterinary medicines for small and large animals. Historically, one of the objectives was to be close to the veterinarian to provide a service that meets the needs of livestock producers and serve the pet owners. It has a sales team that caters directly to veterinary doctors and distributors, thus reaching the entire country. The visits are performed by our own fully equipped vehicles, which were renewed to allow heavier loads and modernized with institutional signs to give the image that identifies them. Proagro is certified for internationals standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) by SENASA, that guarantees the quality of the producing processes of our products. This regulation give an added value, not only to Proagro as a national and international company, but also to whom purchases the products manufactured under those rules. Consumers will demand for the products quality so the traceability and security will turn to be a control process plus a highly competitive and differentialing tool.

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