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Regarding manufactured products, Mendoza exports: preserved olives & olive oil; canned peach, pear, cherry, and mixed fruits; a variety of fruit pulps for industrial consumption; dehydrated fruits: prunes with or without pit, raisins, tomatoes, apricots, pears, and apples; oregano, garlic paste, canned garlic, dehydrated garlic, pre-fried potatoes, pickles (cucumbers, gherkins, onions and eggplants prepared in vinegar), honey, wine, concentrated grape juice or must concentrate. Argentina is one of the 3 largest producers of concentrated must in the world. For several years it has been the world's leading producer of concentrated must of white grapes. Mendoza contributes greatly to these exports. It offers also organic or rectified concentrated grape juice. It can be also produced under Halal certification. Concentrated grape juice or concentrated must is used for the production of fruit juices and also as a natural sweetener by the food and pharmaceutical industries. Mendoza's main export destinations are Japan and the United States.

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