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Drop System Intensive Fields

Company > Agrodrop SAS

We place DS Intensive Fields in trees already planted by making 1 or 4 wells at the height of the secondary roots or at the time of planting. In arid areas and without irrigation, we have verified that the trees have been supplied with humidity for periods of up to 45 days. Its recommended application is every 12 months. Drop System is an Argentine technology and 100% agroecological, created in order to contribute to world agriculture and the environment. Drop System is a physical amendment, it has the ability to bind water, fertilizers, micro-macro minerals from the soil that are lost through evapotranspiration and filtration, so that each plant can intelligently absorb it in the amount of moisture it needs. Among the main qualities, Drop System optimizes water and electrical resources, and even working hours; because risks can be spread out; increasing yields, helping the rooting of trees, and advancing crops in addition to generating healthier food.

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