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This equipment has been designed to paint the threads on the ends of seamless steel tubes. This process is used in oil & gas industry to apply a special paint in the threads of tube´s ends, in order to protect them from environmental conditions. This equipment has a painting booth and paint curing by heating lamps. This system can process tubes up to 20 "in diameter. The booth includes the entire painting system: pressurized containers, 2 guns to perform, both, internal and external painting of the tube and a collaborative robot to manipulate the guns, and consequently, paint the tube ends. Finally, a tube conveyor is in front of the painting booth, which allows the tube to have both movements: the translation movement to introduce the end of the tube into the painting booth as well as the rotation necessary during tube painting, this way paint spills is avoided. Manufacturer of special machines and equipment for all types of industry, with its own engineering or provided by the client. Applications of plasma coatings, paints and special coatings with particular characteristics like non-stickiness, hardness, low friction, etc.

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