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Contemporary streamlined designs, woven with only natural colors free of any dyes. The friendly, kind-hearted warmth of the Argentine Pampas in a line of ultra soft rugs. Handwoven sheep wool rugs, in 100% natural wool spun by wheel. Weft-faced, flat- woven weave. Producing 100% natural hand-made rugs, Elementos Argentinos was created in 2005 and is the leading hand-loomed rug company in Argentina. In partnership with INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology) we developed strong and durable wool that remains soft and plush, allowing us to create elegant, long-lasting, sophisticated and easy to clean rugs. We refrain from using polypropylene plastic, making our products ecofriendly and fire resistant. We spin our wool using a spinning wheel or distaff and dye our threads with natural and lead free pigments using UV filters. We have been committed to fair trade guidelines since 2005 and have agreements with NGO´s and co-ops that ensure that the more than 135 weavers of 12 northern Argentine provinces that are part of our team receive fair payment , and see to the compliance of child labor prohibition laws. As a certified B corporation we are a part of a worldwide movement of companies and individuals wanting to build a new economy that strives for the well-being of people, societies and nature by utilizing market forces to solve social and environmental issues. Go barefoot, feel the softness of real natural wool. Pure wool adds warmth, tranquility and harmony to any project due to its superb acoustic and thermal insulation capabilities. In addition to its beauty, design, texture and color, a natural wool rug can offer so much more to any space.

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