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Since our academic training stage, we felt that technology awoke great interest and curiosity in us, which then evolved into passion. That is why we study, train, update, and perfect ourselves in a constant manner. We work in different companies occupying various roles and providing several services. From all this trajectory we have acquired vast experience that led us to consider the need to put it at the service of the business community, thus creating DUHATEC to guarantee the security and correct operation of its systems, allowing entrepreneurs and managers to focus on their businesses. Our company provides its services in a highly personalized way, understanding that every company is unique, creating a solution tailored to each need of all projects. We specialize in identifying and interpreting the IT requirements of our clients to offer them the best comprehensive solution. From DUHATEC, we help small and medium-sized companies to implement technology in a sustainable way, for this we provide the following computer services: software development, IT consulting, IT support, IT management, IT infrastructure and sale of equipment; all of them quality services and with continuous improvement.

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