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The VIESA system creates a cool climate inside the cabins when the outside temperature is high. The air conditioning of the cabin is one of the most elements that contribute to the confort of the vehicle. Also, VIESA complying with highest environmental standars, generating welfare to the drivers all around the world. This system has low consumption and by no using pollutant gases. Some of the advantages are: it Works with engine off, low maintance, maximun economy, intelligent working, unit civer with UV protection and it does not use noxious gases, just water. Colven is a international company that was born in 1973. It is focus on the desing, production and marketing of electronic, mechanical and software solutions for the automotive, transportation and agricultural machinery industries. Colven is present all around the world by distributors, affiliated company and a factories in Argentina and Italy. Ours products and solutions are been using for look for security and confort. They are been stans out by the cuality certifield ISO 9001, European Community Standars (CEE) and approvals CE. Importants factories arround the world choice ours products because are reliave, adapted to the market and have a exceptionary cost-benefit. Some of ours custumers that we can mention are Volvo, Scania, Bull Trailer, Gross, Vulcano, Metalfor, Caiman, Pepsico, LS Tractor, Marcopolo, Mack, Manituo Group, Syngenta, Utility, Penske, Linde, Bimbo, Candispe.

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