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Alwa Potato Chips

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Traditionally cooked and following the customs of the north of our country, ALWA Rural Potato Chips stands out for its large sheets of potatoes, its thikness, pefect golden color and the perfect touch of salt. Alwa Sweet PC are made only with the best sweet potatoes of our land. This new snack fuses the natural sweetness with a fine bath of salt, achieving a perfect balance of flavor in your mouth. Made with the best fruits from our land, it is a combination of flavor and health, Alwa Natural Selection provides energy, fibers, proteins, antioxidants and helps reduce cholesterol. Alwa Crispy Andean Corn is a millenary product of the Andean gastronomy, rich in fibers and energy. It helps metabolize fats and reduce cholesterol. Its smooth taste and the just touch of salt make it ideal companion for all occasions. Our Company was founded in 2014 with the misión of developing natural snacks that combine taste and nutrition. Honoring our family business status we believe in offering our customers the same natural and quality products that we serve at our table. Our products are natural since they do not have additives, flavorings or any preservatives. Our product line with our ALWA Brand, are gluten free, 0% trans fat and reduced in sodium.

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