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Sulfaplat LA (cream): Active principle: Sulfadiazine silver, Vitamin A, Lidocaine. Therapeutic action: Antibacterial Chemotherapeutic. Presentation: Cream: Silver sulphadiazine. 1g - Vitamin A 248000 UI – Lidocaine 666mg/100g (Knobs 30g y 50g; Pots of 400 (EH)). Specialty: Dermatology and Medical clinic. We are a leading company in the health sector. We have medical technology, dietary supplements and different pharmaceutical categories whose products and services are within the standards of quality in early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. At Laboratorios Lafedar we of fer a comprehensive service to third par ties, including product development, dossier creation, registration and drug manufacturing. To this end, stabilities of products are per formed for different climatic zones and target countries. Laboratorios Lafedar helps pharmaceutical companies generate and implement innovative effective and efficient tools to be used in the development, manufacturing and management stages in order to improve the quality of our products. Our products are present in more than 34 countries. We market our products in national, provincial and municipal pharmacies and institutions. Laboratorios Lafedar, 20 years committed to health and life.

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